Don’t Touch

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“Don’t Touch” is a three-part series stemming from my experiences growing up as the most tender headed child you could ever meet. Each charcoal piece is titled after something I was taught or told about my hair.


01. Big Girls Don’t Cry

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 12.10.03 AM

“Big Girls Don’t Cry” is something my cousins would tell me whenever it was time to tame my lion’s mane. I was a tiny frizz ball who broke out in tears at the site of a comb or brush. It didn’t matter who did it. I dreaded getting my hair done.

02. This Is A Classroom Not A Beauty Salon

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 12.11.47 AM

The second piece’s rather long title was something my best friend and I heard often from 4th grade all the way into high school. Lex had a love of doing people’s hair in class and me being the best friend meant I was always her mannequin lol. Our teachers loved and hated us in the same breath.


03. Knot Leaving The House

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 12.11.05 AM

“Knot Leaving The House” is a mixture of things internalized and the fact that I feel my head is too big to wear Bantu knots as a style. Growing up we were often told you shouldn’t wear your scarf, bonnet, or braid/twist outs in public. I’ve pretty much outgrown that way of thinking and will gladly go about my day in whatever “neat” braids or twists I have in, except for Bantu knots. I love seeing women wear them but I just can’t get comfortable with wearing them as a style for myself. No matter how much my roommates urge I always take them down before leaving the house.



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