Meet The Artist

Hi friends! I’m Micheala Angelena, a visual artist, and entrepreneur, currently based in Dallas, TX. I originally hail from Ferguson, MO and  am a proud alumna of the illustrious Fisk University. I work in a variety of mediums. My current favorite is acrylic paint.

My work focuses on identity because I believe in the power of representation. In high school, I noticed that much of my learning materials lacked representation of Black people. What little representation there was showcased one dimensional stories of pain. I realized that I had the power to change this disparity in art through my work. I decided to use my friends and family as my reference models for paintings and drawings in college. I wanted to create pieces that reflected their beauty back to them. Far too often, we are told to manipulate or shrink ourselves to meet the “standard” of beauty. I paint portraits to show my models and viewers that they are the epitome of beauty.