The History Of DrawnLovely

The History Of DrawnLovely

    • I sold my very first art prints in the fall of 2015 at Fisk University’s homecoming. I owe a HUGE thank you to Mr. Berry for not only encouraging me to sell them on the yard but also ensuring my organization, Tanner Art Society, had a booth amongst the other vendors. I began to see a desire for these prints as I sold them out of my dorm room for extra cash. 

    • The summer of 2016 marks my first “grown-up” art show. I was blessed to be selected for the VIBES STL show. This event show showed that not only were my friends and classmates interested in purchasing my artwork, but complete strangers were too. 

    • This planted a seed that ultimately led to the first launch of the DrawnLovely online shop in 2017. As most first drafts go it needed a lot of work and editing. 

    • After finishing undergrad I took time off work on my first solo show which I exhibited in the spring of 2019. Beauty Supply was not only a collection of paintings but a conversation about the lack of Black-owned beauty supplies in Black neighborhoods. I was able to pair the show with a social media campaign promoting Black-owned locations across the country. This marked the second launch of

    • Since launching for the third time in 2019 I have participated in multiple shows, showcased my works in multiple publications, and donated both proceeds and artwork to several greatly deserving organizations, such as The Bail Project.
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